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Customized Prosthesis

Loosing parts of body directly affects the quality of life. Regarding craniofacial defects, they not only cause physical problems but also have negative effects on the appearance of the patient.
Traumas, disease, and congenital disorders can be the cause of these physical disabilities. Using implants in the skull protects the brain. Implanting prosthesis in the orbit both keeps the eyes in its desired location and positively affects the appearance of patients.
The history of cranioplasty in craniofacial surgery dates back to about 5000 years ago, and Iran has been one of the leaders in this milieu. Lots of research have been conducted on finding a suitable material for covering the damaged areas. Owing to these investigations, the materials used, are safe materials.

Features of prosthesis produces at Danawell are as follows:

  • • Being geometrically compatible regarding anatomical properties of the patient
  • • Can be easily placed in the desired damaged areas
  • • Can be easily formed by surgeon during surgery
  • • Using biocompatible and biodegradable materials
  • • Producing affordable prosthesis
  • • Requiring reasonable time for production