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Biofluids Simulation and Modeling

The Biofluids flow and also structural problems are simulated according to the modern science and novel numerical models in DanaWell Co. So far, the company completed projects include:

1.Study on the anomalies of Circle of Willis in brain and its effects in the surgery

The functionality of Circle of Willis in adjusting blood flow supply to the different parts of brain in the normal and abnormal conditions is vital. The anomalies cause deviation in these functionalities, which can be important in problematic cases, such as surgery of aneurysm.
DanaWell team has provided accurate simulation package of blood flow using advanced CFD techniques. The physicians has found the results of our simulations helpful in different manner, such as prediction of stress distribution on the aneurysm sac and etc.

2.Simulation of temporary clipping effects on the blood flow characteristics in Circle of Willis and branches

Temporary Clipping is used by the neurosurgeon to block proximal blood flow and decompress the aneurysm, in order to place permanent clip more safely. But, temporary clip cuts off blood supply to a region of the brain and causes transient ischemia. Therefore, the temporary clipping time is vital criteria and it depends on different factors, such as location, patient’s condition, etc. There is not a certain time limitation and it is based on surgeons’ experiences.
An accurate and close-to-reality simulation can predict the effect of temporary clipping on the blood flow conditions during the surgery. We have used artificial neural network modeling besides the CFD modeling, to generate more reliable data for surgeons.

3.Cerebrospinal fluid modeling